Web Hosting for your website

Hosting can be economic and qualitative.

Hosting Linux

Planes de Web Hosting Ideal para iniciar tu sitio web

Desde 1 Sitio web
Desde 20 Cuentas de email
Desde 100 GB Ancho de banda
Soporte PHP, MySQL, Python
Usuarios FTP


Hosting WordPress

Disfruta de nuestro Hosting Web especializado para wordpress

Desde 1 Sitio web
Cuentas de email ilimitadas*
Ilimitado Ancho de banda
Soporte PHP, MySQL, Python
Sitio Web desde: 3 GB

$ 0/year

Hosting Extreme Plus

Web Hosting Plan for webmaster and multiple projects

Websites Unlimited*
Unlimited Email Accounts*
Unlimited Bandwidth*
PHP, MySQL, Python support
SSH Connections Support

$ 0/mo

Maximum Performance

Our hosting service has a strong infrastructure that will keep your business online 24/7. Cpanel support includes PHP, MySQL, email accounts and professional support service.


Pre-installed WordPress Hosting

No need for any extra work - Your WordPress hosting comes pre-configured with the latest version of WordPress and is ready to use when you buy it. (Except WordPress basic).


SSL Certificates: Trust for your users

Aside from its low cost, each certificate comes with an additional package, this makes it perfect for small and medium businesses. Choosing Comodo Sectigo means that your website will be secured by the highest standards and you will also receive additional tools that will gain the trust of your customers and increase sales.


Dedicated Server

A powerful application or project needs a high performance server. With our Dedicated servers you don't need to worry about overloads or a lack of resources. You can install powerful extensions, compatible with Cpanel/WHM and the most advanced and reliable Billing Software, WHMCS.


What is a web domain?

A web domain is a word or unique text to identify a web page. You can buy it in our domain section and find the perfect domain name for your business or blog. To find out more about Domains click Here.

Which product should I buy to upload or create my website?

In Clickpanda we offer the best quality products so we have a variety of hosting plans. You can select the platform you want to work from to start creating or uploading your website and start with your business or blog online. If you have questions regarding the hosting plans click Here

Do you have free domain hosting plans?

You can start your hosting with a free domain registration. Learn, create and grow your website and domains for free. The hosting plus a free domain is your working environment to experiment and create in the digital world of the Internet. A place of ideas for webmasters!.

What is an SSL certificate for?

One of its main functions is to protect the website to prevent malicious users from modifying, deleting and stealing information from a web page. This gives more confidence to users who visit the site, as there is no risk that the public will be affected by a possible virus when entering a secured web page.
With the https protocol your website will be protected as there will be no interception of third parties with the data that is being sent and received. For more information click Here

I would like to have email accounts with the name of my company. Is this possible?

We offer corporate email accounts with all the requirements for your company with large disk space from 5 gb to 25 gb per email account so you don’t have to delete your old emails.

Are you a domain register in Colombia?

Clickpanda is a Colombian company, registers of .COM Domains, .COM.CO Domains, .NET.CO Domains, .CO Domains and .ORG Domains. Our Worldwide goal is to help entrepreneurs get ahead with their projects, providing multiple tools to grow their businesses.

Which product should I buy to upload or create my website?

A web domain is a word or unique text to identify a web page. You can buy it in our domain section and find the perfect domain name for your business or blog. If you want to find out more about Domains, click click Here.

When I register my domain with Clickpanda, can I manage my DNS zone?

In Clickpanda we offer the best tools for the administration of your domain to connect it with multiple services in our advanced DNS administration zone. You can create multiple records for the connection that your Domain requires.

Can I expand storage on my server?

Yes, you can. You can purchase additional storage space on our shared storage device. This will be immediately connected to your server as a disk allowing you to format and mount it. We offer several options, from 50 GB to 500 GB.

How do I access my dedicated server?

There are several ways to access your server:
– SSH – You can access your server through any SSH client using the root credentials.
cPanel – if you have chosen to buy cPanel from us, you can access and manage the server through the cPanel / WHM control panel.
Dedicated Server Control Panel – you can also perform frequent operations, such as stopping, starting and restarting the server through our control panel on the web, which comes included with each server

What operating system (OS) is installed on the server?

Each server comes with CentOS 6.5, the latest version of an enterprise-class Linux operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).