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1. Create and upload your contact list

Upload your contact list (you can use names, surnames, positions and the variables you want), We will notify you by the platform of the successful upload of contacts list and we will show you the list that you have uploaded to validate your contacts.

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2. Selecciona, edita y crea tu campaña

Select the title of your campaign (it will appear to your clients in your inbox) and write the name of the company or person that sends the campaign so that your clients recognize you, then you will go to the campaign editor where you will find +1000 Templates available for your campaign


3. Prueba, Confirma y selecciona tus contactos

When you finish the creation of your campaign you can send a previous test to your email to verify your design, then you have only one step left which is to choose your contact list and send your campaign (you can also schedule it to send it in a date and time that wish)

email marketing Gratis

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"It is the best platform for sending emails before I sent them by my personal mail without having statistics, but with ClickPanda Delivery reports and secure shipping to inboxes is the best" Client: Coopindumil

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Solve your doubts about Email marketing

¿What are the benefits of sending text messages – SMS to my clients?

Email marketing has the benefit of being the most economical in digital communication channels recognized, so that you can assimilate what we want to tell you that sending emails to a target audience costs between 12COP up to 15 COP. These costs obviously always depend if you have a larger contact list, since with a larger volume of contacts the cost per message sent decreases.
In addition to its low cost, email marketing has something more important to highlight and is its great effectiveness since it is one of the most effective main communication channels over social networks.
Keep in mind that for every money invested in an email marketing campaign your campaign will generate a return on investment of 40%.
If large companies send you their campaigns, take the initiative and send your campaigns with ClickPanda.
Email marketing is the communication channel that allows the possibility to customize the sending of mass emails. You can create your templates adaptable to your corporate image by making your email marketing campaigns more appealing to your target customers.
Always keep the following tips in mind:
– Use the name of the destination person.
– Offers interesting and non-repetitive content.
– Always Create segmentation of your contacts according to their interests.
You already have the best tips, start now with your email marketing to see our content claim 2500 free messages to try our tool.

¿I want to create multiple campaigns or send them to different email lists or possible emails?

With our dynamic email marketing platform at ClickPanda you can create the campaigns you want by selecting the email lists you want to send them to, Create it dynamically by creating them and programming them to be sent according to the mailing lists you want. Now that you know what you can do, start with your Email marketing campaign at

Can I create news or newsletter for my clients?

To start creating your newsletters as informative digital communication by massive emails with some frequency, with our tool you can design all the articles about your brand and about the area that unfolds. This type of information can be received by your customers or subscribers to your website which show great interest in your brand.
How to create your newsletter or newsletter will be problems of the past with our email builder you can create your campaigns in a very dynamic way in a couple of minutes.
Come and enjoy one of the mass communication channels that are in the top of sales success and customer loyalty.

¿Can I purchase multiple packages and accumulate?

Our email marketing message packages are cumulative as you wish to buy and it is best that they have no expiration date for use.

¿I don’t know how to start with my first campaign?

We have at your disposal our specialized support area to guide you or help you in sending your first campaigns to be successful, we want to make sure that your email marketing communications are a success and rest assured that we will provide you with the best technical service for you to live the experience of innovating in digital marketing.