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Email and Drive, Herramientas colaborativas, edita archivos en linea, guarda tus archivos personales, comparte tus archivos, trabaja en equipo con tus compañeros - Collaborative tools, edit your files online, save your personal files, share your files, work with your team

Cual es el servicio de correo mas economico, como puedo editar archivos con mi equipo de trabajo, hay algun mejor servicio que Google drive? servicio mas economico que gsuite - What is the most economical email service, how can I edit files with my team, is there any service better that Google drive? service cheaper than Gsuite

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All your Emails and Files in one place

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5 GB of mail storage


Protected with antivirus

POP/IMAP/SMTP compatible

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25 GB of mail storage

5 GB of file storage

Protected with antivirus

Save, edit and share your files

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Edit, save and share your files

ClickPanda offers 25 GB of mail storage and an additional 5 GB for your files.

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Access your files from any device

Quick access to your files from your Desktop computer, Tablet, or Smartphone.

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  As low as USD$3.39/month

Antivirus protection incorporated

Our advanced antivirus protection secures your mailbox and ensures the protection of malware and viruses.

IMAP support

Don't miss any emails! Connect your account with any device and check your inbox anywhere

Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

Create tasks and monitor your meetings in one place with the Open-Xchange productivity tools.

Social Media in your inbox!

Now you can check your Twitter, Google+ and Facebook in your inbox. OpenXchange shows all your social networks in one place.

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